• RELEASE DATE (CD)December, 04 2020
  • RELEASE DATE (Digital Format)December, 04 2020
  • LABELSWar Productions & Void Wanderer Productions
  • FORMAT6-Panel Digipack CD (200 Copies)

…Every night I travel through the ruins of my ancestors, shapeshifting into an owl, remembering all the blood spilled in these lands. It shall be a reminder for mankind not to fall again in all its history’s mistakes…

Once again this not a conceptual album but a stand-alone track, which inspired the cover art and the album’s title, as happened in the 3rd Grievance Album “Em Lucefécit”, but all the other tracks are somehow connected to this theme, whether by a call for inner-awareness and power as well as some other historic reminders of all the tragedies that helped shape our world.

All music, voices, and lyrics written and performed by Koraxid

Composed and recorded at Axe Farm Studios from January 2017 to September 2019

Guest Musicians:
Azarath – Rythm Guitar and composition in track 6
Enjendro – Voices in track 2 intro

Mixed by Koraxid, Mastered by Sergio Veloso

Cover Art by Diana Silva

Released in 6-Panel Digipack CD By War Productions and Void Wanderer Productions in a limited edition of 200 copies.