The Beginning (1997)

Sharing since 1996 the band Tenebrous Dominancy in which performed the role of drummer and bassist respectively, Koraxid and Azarath founded Grievance in May 1997, with the desire of practising modern Black Metal. The first demo arose in July, is a recording of an essay with a voice overdub on cassette audio. The demo was called “Por Entre a Escuridão Outonal”. Koraxid Plays Drums and added Voices and Azarath plays Lead Guitar. The band’s logo was designed in this summer, by Azarath. The band’s name was given by Koraxid and comes from the lyrics of the track “The Burning Shadows of Silence” of the Album “In the Nightside Eclipse” from the Norwegian Black Metal Band Emperor.

Experimental Times (1998-2000)

Grievance begins a new path, with the adding new members – Marco Tomé on Guitar, Azarath now plays Bass Guitar and voice. Koraxid keeps he’s place in the drum throne, and the band is now accompanied by Sergio Pina on trumpet. The path of Black Metal seemed to have been put aside, now with a more experimental band, with a vast crossover metal style. The band started to play live in several places and festivals. Azarath goes out of the country in 2000 and the band slows down its activity for several years, with only sporadic rehearsals and jam sessions with the original line-up.

New Millenium Sessions (2006-2008)

The band is now divided into two countries: Portugal (Caldas da Rainha) and Spain (Algeciras). The band’s lineup is redesigned, with the recruiting of Enjendro in Bass Guitar, Koraxid stays on drums and Azarath plays Guitar and handles the Voice. The second demo of the band is recorded, intitled “The New Millenium Sessions” with only two tracks, that demonstrate the efforts made in the creation of new music, with the band returning to its original style – Black Metal. Two songs recorded in separate sessions, in 2006 and 2007, one in Algeciras (Spain) and another in Axe Farm Studios in Caldas da Rainha (Portugal). Due to the distance between the members, the band’s activity slows down again…

Grievance Goes Solo (2011)

After several years of almost complete inactivity, Koraxid takes over the project, so that it may live on to see the light of day again, and release new material. This was made by mutual and friendly agreement with Azarath, as they both concluded that a band divided by 2 countries is very difficult to maintain, also both the members are occupied with other activities. Now the band’s future is assured and Grievance will maintain its activity for years to come, as a solo statement.

“Retorno” – Full-Length – (2014)

The first full-length album of Grievance, released in February 2014 by the Brazilian Label Nyarlathotep Records. Composed in complete improvisation sessions in The winter of 2011/2012 and mixed in the summer of 2013, “Retorno” is a reverie of occultism, history and inner-struggle. Completely recorded and performed by Koraxid. Koraxid Photo Shoot (Including Cover) By Tiago Da Cruz. No Photoshop effects in the photos, all photography made by analog techniques, in a summer full moon night, 2012. Photo shoot location – Praya D’el Rey, Obidos – Portugal.

“Perante o Céu Infernal” – Single – (2016)

This track was created in one improvisation session solely by Koraxid, who recorded all instruments track by track In ESAD University Sound Studio at Caldas da Rainha (Old-school analogue sound capture and pre-mix), it was a result of an invitation made by students of the sound and image course: André Santos, Bruno Alves, Bruno Vieira and Filipe Nunes. It was reviewed, the lyrics, synth intro and voice were added in late 2015. Remixed and mastered in January 2016 by Koraxid at Axe Farm Studios. It is a stand-alone track for these motives, so it was decided to create a single which fits perfectly for the occasion and also leads for a new musical path in the Grievance sound, perfected in the following full-Length, “Pilar, Pedra e Faca”. Front Cover taken from Tiago da Cruz photo session for the album “Retorno”.

“Pilar, Pedra e Faca” Full-Length – (2016)

The recordings of this album began in September 2013, and were finished in September 2016. There were lots of personal situations blocking the release of this album, Koraxid’s participation in other projects (Medo, Zepyrus), recording and producing other bands in Axe Farm Studios and the creation of Stronghold (A Concert hall in Caldas da Rainha, now closed) were some of the causes of this delay. All of them eventually were dropped in favour of a continuing effort to follow the growth and consolidation of Grievance. All music, lyrics and voices were performed and written by Koraxid, except “Subliminar Voz Interior” – Music performed and written by Tiago da Neta. Special guests for this album: Tiago da Neta (Portuguese Guitar on tracks 06, 08 and 09) and Joaquim “Vulture” Moreira (Electric Bass Guitar in tracks 06 and 07). Front cover drawing by Duarte Cór (2015).

Latest Developments (2018)

On January 2018 Grievance saw the CD release of “Pilar, Pedra e Faca”, a split release by War productions, Base Record Production and Blackwood Productions. The Band played 2 gigs live in 2018, at Vila Nova de Mil Fontes and Santarém, with the adding of live members Mortuum in Drums, War Faust in Bass Guitar, Urutu in Rhythm Guitar and WrathWulf in Lead Guitar. Koraxid handled the voice. In late August WrathWulf left the live lineup and was replaced by Dom Dracul.

Grievance is preparing a new full-length since 2017, and the idea was to release it in late 2018, early 2019. In the meantime it was intended to release a 7″ vinyl single with 2 songs, including the unreleased track “Corvos Que Esvoaçam”, wich we are playing live. The 7″ soon became an album, and so it is being prepared another new album, completely recorded and composed between July and October 2018. 7 new tracks and the re-recording of “Corvos Que Esvoaçam”, around 40 minutes of music. The recording and composing of the album has been an herculean task to do in such a short period of time, but nevertheless there are no filler songs. The album is ready and it will be released very soon, possibly in February 2019.