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Live Performances

Since the summer of 2018 Grievance is playing live, with the contribution of session live members Vulture on Bass Guitar, Mortuum on Drums, Dom Dracul and Lammashta on Guitars. Koraxid will be handling the voice. The band will play tracks from all releases, including both full-lengths and demos. For booking and info contact info@grievance.pt
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Founded in May 1997

Since 2011 Grievance is the solo Musical Statement of Koraxid, check the complete history of the Band: Sharing since 1996 the band Tenebrous Dominancy in which performed the role of drummer and bassist respectively, Koraxid and Azarath founded Grievance in May 1997, with the desire of practising modern Black Metal. The first demo arose in July, a rehearsal recording...
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