• RELEASE DATE (VINYL): February, 11 2019
  • RELEASE DATE (DIGITAL FORMAT): February, 11 2019
  • LABEL: War Productions
  • FORMAT: 12“ Vinyl (276 Copies)

Grievance was preparing a new full-length since 2017, and the idea was to release it in late 2018, early 2019. In the meantime it was intended to release a 7″ vinyl single with 2 songs, including the unreleased track “Corvos Que Esvoaçam”, wich the band is playing live. The 7″ soon became an album, and so it was created another new album, completely recorded and composed between July and October 2018. 7 new tracks and the re-recording of “Corvos Que Esvoaçam”, around 40 minutes of music. The recording and composing of the album has been an herculean task to do in such a short period of time, but nevertheless there are no filler songs. The album was released by War Productions in the 11th February 2019 in 12″ Vinyl format.

Mixed and mastered between October and November of 2018. Cover art by Patricia Guimarães.

Lucefécit: River located on the province of Alentejo, Portugal, near the Spanish border, close to the vilage of Alandroal, known by its “sinful” name, given by the catholic church to divert the “faithful” from its surroundings in the dark ages, old sacred cult place to the Lusitanian pagan deity Endovélico, whose sanctuary is located in an escarpment whose base touches the banks of this river. The name, its origins and the landscape itself inspire a journey to the hidden and the unknown, the deep forces that inebriate the mind. In the third Grievance full-length one circulates among myths and obscure visions, stories passed in valleys, forests and scorching desert lands, these also based on Lucefécit’s landscape. An obscure and meaningful album, rough and ambient, invoking the grandiose and primordial energy that is the genesis of the Black Metal genre.
“Em Lucefécit” or in English “In Lucefécit” can also represent an allegory of a state of consciousness that leads to a greater connection with the source of primordial knowledge, simple, direct, untouched by the contorted action of human thought…
Written and performed entirely by Koraxid, between July and October 2018. Mixed and mastered between October and November of the same year. Cover art by Patricia Guimarães.