I dive deep into the past, through the mighty Atlantic Ocean. The seas can take so much and also give so much. To imagine what must have been the adventurous lives of those who went to the unknown and sailed so far… A paradigm of our mightiest desires and fears, the Atlantic storms are a constant shadow that lurked then, now and through eternity. To ride the storms is also a metaphor to our own existence. To be successful in our own life’s travels summons our most extreme energy, the one and only source, the true reason of existing and its power is immortal!


Track Lyrics:

Lightning and thunder rage

In the blackest night

Wind gusts slash the skin

As cat claw whips


From the western coast

Ancient ships have defied

Since the dawn of time

Atlantean Storms


Death lurks in the deepness

Of the mighty ocean

Fearless souls of those engulfed

Haunt its cold waters eternally


The widows cries in land

Echo in the distance

You are a source of life and death

Who inspires, provides and reaps

A paradigm of our mightiest desires


We have rode and survived

Since immemorial times

Atlantean storms