An ancient underground complex rediscovered in the ninetieth century where 24 granitic black stone boxes lie in tunnels, the heaviest with about 100 tones. They are made from one piece, but the floors are not large enough to bring them into the caves. Some of this boxes are so well polished that the techniques used to do this are something lost in time, as for their purpose. There are some theories, but all unproven to date. This track reflects on the causes and origins of this mysterious place’s existence. This labyrinth of tunnels is called the Sarapeum of Saqqara in Egypt.


Track Lyrics:

Beneath the mighty pharaoh’s

Necropolis of Saqqara

Ancient colossal boxes lie

In a gallery lost in time


The black boxes of the Serapeum

Empty shells of hidden knowledge

Of massive black stone carved

In ancient magic enshrouded


The mystery endures

A tomb where knowledge lays

Black empty shells enshrouded in mist


No trace of their purpose

The proof is no were to be found

The truth is here to be unveiled

And lies


In the black boxes of the Serapeum