The moiras or enchanted mouras or “mouriscas” are spirits, fantastic beings with supernatural powers from Portuguese and Galician folklore. They are “beings obliged by an occult supernatural force to live in a certain state of siege as if numb or asleep, as long as certain circumstances do not break their spell”. According to old popular accounts, they are the souls of maidens who were left to guard the treasures that the enchanted Moors hid before leaving for Moorama.

Legends describe the enchanted Moors as young maidens of great beauty or enchanting princesses and “dangerously seductive”. They often appear singing and combing their long hair, blond as gold or black as night, with a golden comb, and promise treasures to whoever frees them from the spell.

They can assume different forms, including the form of a winged serpent, the darkest, on which this track was inspired. There are a large number of legends, and versions of the same legend, as a result of centuries of oral tradition. They appear as guardians of places of passage to the interior of the earth, the “limit” places, where it was believed that the supernatural could manifest itself. They appear near springs, fountains, bridges, rivers, wells, caves, old buildings, old castles or hidden treasures.


Track Lyrics:

Lost in Hyberian lore

From immemorial times

The mist of legends

Enshrouds you


At the caves mouth

The entrance to the underworld

Beastly image enshrouded in mist

The moira appears

To haunt your soul


Winged daemon from Hyberia

In the old ruins she dwells

At castles, caves, springs and wells