As someone born and raised along our coast it has always been a place of inspiration and introspection for me. This track addresses the whole world of feelings that haunt my spirit, looking at the infinity of the Atlantic Ocean, this place being at the same time the beginning of the world and the end of the world, where the land merges with the vast surface of water that covers the horizon before me.

Particularly beautiful here is the twilight, a red sky always haunting, a sunset that serves as a metaphor for the end of another cycle, of another civilization that passed through these lands. The civilization we all live in since we were born.

Proudly wielding the sword as a symbol of power, wearing the mask that defines my alter-ego, here I am, observing a time of decay, before the change…

In Western Shores is a testament of someone who inhabits the west end of the old continent, which although far is close, which although outside is inside…


Track Lyrics:

Under the fading sun i stand proud

Enthralled by this magnificence

A tinted mask, the blackest devotion

Sword of destiny in my hand


Following a path

The wisdom of old

Upon the caves carved mysteries

Upon derelict walls of a decaying past


What secrets can lie, forgotten?

A soul wanders

A soul yearns

A olden spirit, incarnated


In western shores i lay

Beholding the world’s decay

Awaiting the beckoning

The fulfillment of my destiny